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Course Curriculum

So what exactly IS Little Fusspot?

  • 02
    Understanding your child's eating challenges
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    • Sensory processing disorder symptoms
    • SPD checklist
    • Oral motor exercises and chewing
    • Encouraging lip control
    • Have your say!
  • 03
    What to feed my child, how much and how often
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  • 04
    Nutrition for Children
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    • Food Swap Challenge
    • Eating for gut health and immunity
    • Where to find more information on gut health
    • Have your say!
  • 05
    What food does my child prefer and avoid?
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    • Sensory Preferences And The Impact Of Negative Experiences
    • Sensory preferences and avoidances worksheet
    • Have your say!
  • 06
    How to eliminate stress, anxiety and power struggles
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    • Identifying a stress cycle FREE PREVIEW
    • Identifying Stress In A Child
    • Positive conversation at the table
    • Eliminating Power Struggles
    • Calming Techniques
    • Calming Techniques For Parents
    • Analysing The Feeding Time And Area
    • How To Remove Devices From Mealtimes
    • Mirror Neurons And PPD Or Post Partum Depression
    • Have your say!
  • 07
    Eating at daycare, nursery or in the care of others
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    • Challenges Faced At Care Facilities
    • Whats On The Menu
    • Get Aligned With Routine
    • Collecting Your Child
    • Letter to Daycare, template.
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  • 08
    Establishing a routine
    Show details
    • The mealtime routine
    • Visual mealtime routine
    • Energy Out Energy In
    • Menu Planning Introduction
    • 7 day menu planner
    • Weekly Routine Guide
    • How To Write A Successful Menu Plan
    • Excel weekly planner
    • Have your say!
  • 09
    How to encourage to try new things and eat vegetables
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    • Sensory play technique
    • Sensory play
    • TBSKLN
    • TBSKLN handout
    • Sensory Sous Chef
    • 4 Bowl Technique Introduction
    • The 4 Bowl Technique Demonstration
    • 4 bowl technique
    • The Worry Bowl
    • How To Use Your Techniques At Dinnertime
    • Clinic demonstration TBSKLN
    • Its time to book some time with me!
    • Have your say
    • Webinar answering questions on course content
  • 10
    Stretching food preferences
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    • Introduction to stretching food preferences
    • Stretching food preferences workbook
    • Stretching Food Preferences Rules
    • How To Further Grow That List Of New Foods
    • Stretching To Family Meals
    • Have your say!
  • 11
    Additional resources
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    • Little Fusspot cook book
    • Pre and post therapy questionnaire
    • Food diary templates
    • Stretching food preferences workbook
    • Sensory preference and avoidance worksheet
    • Encouraging lip control
    • Oral motor exercises and chewing
    • 4 bowl technique
    • visual mealtime routine and tasting sequence (TBSKLN)
    • TBSKLN
    • SPD checklist
    • Letter to daycare template
    • Weekly planner templates
    • Sensory play


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    Every paid course membership includes exclusive lifetime access to the Little Fusspot group therapy site where we can all share our good and bad mealtimes and advice.

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  • My child does not seem to be hungry at all, are you able to help?

    Yes, thankfully in most cases, a child is inbuilt with the amazing capabilities of hunger, self supply and self nourishment. On almost all occasions there’s always something in the way, whether it be stress, poor choice of foods, lack of activity or sensory disorders. Following a step by step guide on how to introduce and stretch food in a child's diet starts with balancing the diet, this is when we start to see ‘real’ signs of hunger.

  • I’m worried that my child is only interested in beige, white and bland foods. Are you able to help with this?

    Children who have particular colour restrictions may be showing signs of sensory processing disorders. We cover this in the section ‘understanding your child’s eating challenges’ and later on in the course we give practical techniques to re-route the decision process that the child uses. Most children fail to use their senses to make choices and this is where part of the problem lies.

  • What if i got to the end of the course and my child still won’t eat?

    Its unlikely, and over the past 5 years there hasn’t been a single case where a child hasn’t made progress. In fact there isn’t a single case where a child has eaten less than 10 new foods in the first part of the course, most will introduce 20 new foods, the highest being 26! (normally within 2 weeks). In the unlikely event that this does happen though, we have a private Facebook forum you can ask any of our friendly graduates where you might be stuck. I am available for one-on-one consultations and you have this course content and any future updates and live webinars for free, for life. Oh and don’t forget that any of my intensive courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Recommended by people just like you

“I contacted Little Fusspot for my 19 months old daughter who did not eat anything but fruits and milk. I have tried to offer her plenty of choices, in different forms (triangle, rectangle…), with different consistencies (pureed, cut in small pieces, normal food), in different dishes, with different distractions, nothing worked. I also have tried to let her hungry, but with no results. Our meals were a disaster with tantrums. After the Little Fusspot intensive program, my daughter eats a far more balanced diet, and has accepted a variety of new foods. Now she tries new foods at home almost every day. Our personalized program with Beth gave me great confidence that we’re on our path to having a happy and healthier eater. Many thanks Little Fusspot! ”



“Contacting Little Fusspot saved my sanity!!! I'd been through the same thing with my older son, with no help, and didn't want to go through it again. After my initial conversation with Beth and her evaluations , taking part in her personalised program changed my sons eating habits and taught me so much. Once I go to grips with the changes it wasn't that hard. Although it can be easy to slip back into old habits, as with any change in eating habits, but making those initial changes and seeing the effects almost immediately, there was no going back. My son is so much better for having completed the program and I would totally recommend Little Fusspot to anyone. Very grateful I found her!”

Derbyshire, England

Tracy Mckenzie

“We were at our wits end with our daughters very limited diet and I was searching online at fussy eating tips and looking at forums when I came across Little fusspot. After looking at the facebook page and reading reviews I decided to contact them to see if they could help us with our little ones fussy eating. This had gone on for almost 2 years, she was eating the same things every day - no fruit, vegetables or protein at all. I had visited our GP but had got no where and felt like I was stuck in a rut and no one was willing to help us! Beth got back to me within 2 days and has just been amazing ever since. We are still not quite where we want to be with our little girls diet but we are in a much better place than we were 3 months ago. She is eating a much more varied diet and is much more willing to try new things. Beth is knowledgable, supportive and really cares about what she does. I am so pleased I took the step to contact Beth. We now feel armed with the right tools to help our daughter and support her with her eating. If you are thinking about contacting little fusspot about your childs eating, do it, you won’t regret it! Thankyou Beth. You are a star!”

West Sussex, U.K

N. Light

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